Factory Warranty

This warranty applies to electric scooters and electric bikes.

 2.1. Warranty period: The warranty period is effective from the date the FACTORY notifies the buyer of the completion of the production order.

2.2. FACTORY provide a warranty on the frame, battery, motor, charger, controller and LCD Screen, which is valid for 15 months from the date of purchase. The Factory will provide a replacement part for components that fail within 6 months, If the part fails within the 7th-15th months, the BUYER will charge the end user 50% of the cost for a replacement part, it used as depreciation cost. The BUYER pays 50% of the cost to Factory for new parts).

2.3. Front fork, saddle tube, crank, hub, handlebar, chain, brake lever, rim, saddle, freewheel, are covered by warranty for 3 months. (Other unspecified parts are not applicable) 2.4. Other consumables and branded components are not covered by the warranty. Brand components include: SHIMANO, TEKTRO, ZOOM, etc. Consumables include: tires, saddle, plastic parts, spokes, rims, brake device, brake lines, brake pads, disc brakes, supports, mudguards, pedals. 2.4. 2.5. In the case of Non-complete products, warranty is provided only for electric parts, Applicable to the above warranty clause 2.2. 2.2。3.1. If the problems occurred within warranty period, BUYER must provide relevant product problem report (such as photos, videos and fill the product problem feedback form), FACTORY analyze and identify the problem, after confirming the problem, if it is a product quality problem, it will be freely maintained or replaced by FACTORY. BUYER cannot receive a free warranty replacement in the case of incomplete information or no information provided by BUYER.

3.2. If the problem occurs after the warranty period, BUYER will provide a related product problem report (photo, video, and fill out the product failure feedback form), FACTORY will carry out analysis to determine the cause of the problem, BUYER decides whether to return the damaged part or the entire unit. The repair cost, shipping cost and tax will be paid by BUYER. Also, the BUYER can Purchase new products/parts directly from FACTORY.

3.3 At any time, if the BUYER requires the FACTORY to provide products/parts for warranty, or purchase separately, the freight and import duties, customs clearance fees, and VAT will be paid by BUYER. 3.3 3.4 At any time, if the FACTORY asks the BUYER to return defective products, all shipping and import duties, customs clearance fees, VAT are paid by the factory.

3.5 Out of warranty period, the FACTORY charges a certain cost for repair or replacement. Product costs, maintenance costs, and transportation costs are the responsibility of the BUYER.

3.6. During the warranty period, the FACTORY will inform the BUYER in advance if production of any model is going to be terminated. If any parts will no longer be produced or will be updated, the FACTORY must provide replacement parts which are suitable for the products.

4.1. The entire batch of product quality is confirmed according to the sample received and specifications agreed. One quality inspection will be done by an external QI company before goods shipment. If required, the inspection fee will be paid by the BUYER.

4.2 After the container arrives at the delivery port, the FACTORY allows one week for the BUYER to confirm the outer packing, number of packages and container status, and one month for the BUYER to confirm the product, parts, appearance and parts list details. If this time is exceeded, the BUYER shall confirm this without objection.

5. The following issue is not applied to FACTORY warranty service.

5.1 Abnormal use, maintenance, storage.

5.2 Man-made intentional damage.

5.3 Damage caused by accident, such as falling, extrusion, crash, high temperature (temperature above normal), exposure under sunshine (excluding outdoor products), Operation in the water out of waterproof grade FACTORY declared (waterproof series products).

5.4 loss of parts or damage caused during transportation

5.6 Others, such as force majeure caused by natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning strike or war 5.6 6. FACTORY reserve the right to amend and explain the regulations according to the law