Popular Rear Wheel Drive eBikes


B series

A5AH26 250W 350W WHITE with HOTEBIKE logo 500.jpg

A5 series


HS series


H series


1 HR - $19.05

2 HR - $38.10

3-6 HR - $57.14

DAY - $76.19

24 HRS - $112.38

2 DAY - $166.67

3 DAY - $212.38

4 DAY - $255.24

5 DAY - $297.14

6 DAY - $339.05

1 WEEK - $374.29

2 WEEK - $491-43

3 WEEK - $585.74

1 MONTH - $655.23


Credit card and a government issued photo ID (Driver's Licence, Passport, ID Card) or cash deposits of $50/bike with a valid government issued photo ID. A rental waiver will also need to be completed in advance or at time of rental. Higher performance bikes such as road bikes and electric bikes are subject to credit card pre-authorizations.



All rentals have a 1 hr minimum

Rental time is prorated and calculated in 15 minute increments.

Rental is paid when bikes are returned to the shop.



Reservations are not required for standard bikes for most groups. We can fit you on an appropriate size and style when you come into the store.

Reservations for our e-Bikes, Road Bikes, or for groups of 10+ bikes can be made by contacting us at



It is the law to wear a bike helmet in White Rock / Surrey. Bike helmets are not provided - so bring your own. 



Rental bikes must be returned by closing time unless a 24 hour or multiple day rental has been agreed upon. Rental returns are not possible after hours and any after hours rentals must be returned the following morning. If you have rented a bike and would like to keep it for longer just give us a call of send us an e-mail and you can carry on cycling in Vancouver.

Ph 604 418-7328